Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Who Da Man? Kobe's Da Man.

Bryant Goes Court to Court (washingtonpost.com)

We are lucky to be living in the same time as Kobe Bryant. I have seen some pretty amazing players on the court, but just no one came close to Kobe and the superlative performance he put on display tonight against the Spurs. What makes it even more admirable is that he came to the basketball court after spending almost two days in a judicial court, pleading not guilty in his sexual assault case.

I know this is an illogical wish, but for the sake of basketball, I wish that Kobe is set free. I recently found myself looking up the jury on his trial. I was hoping that at least some on the jury are basketball lovers... I mean, if they saw tonight's game, they might change their minds.

Rock on, Kobe!

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