Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Wanted: A Wireless Keyboard That Does Not Suck

Unicomp Customizer 104 Windows keyboard
Wireless keyboards (and mice) for PC's are obviously a convenient piece of technology, but I have two problems with the current line of available consumer models of wireless keyboards:

  1. Dome-switch keyboards: unless you are a graybeard hacker, it is likely that the PC keyboard you are currently using is a dome-switch keyboard. This is the type that makes a mushy, almost quiet sound when you press a key. In my opinion, this technology robs all joy out of the act of typing. I prefer the buckling switch technology — perfected by the IBM Model M keyboards — which produces a loud and satisfying click every time you hit a key.

  2. Superfluous "Function" keys: I swear to you, the Microsoft wireless keyboard that I am using has this ominous looking button on top, which I am afraid to press, for I fear it may launch a nuclear attack on Tehran. Seriously, who needs all these extra keys that waste keyboard real estate? The only non-standard key I can tolerate on my keyboard is the Windows key.
Fortunately, Unicomp actually still makes some keyboards with the buckling switch technology, but their only wireless keyboard, the SK-7500 wireless, doesn't seem to have buckling switch keys. Also, its wireless receiver uses a PS/2 connector to attach to the PC.

Does anyone know where I can get a wireless keyboard that does not have the aforementioned shortcomings? I will pay good money for it, too.