Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Israel applauds Syria sanctions

The Australian: Israel applauds Syria sanctions [May 12, 2004]

Truly, this is my moment of zen for today. Israel's audacity to even make such a statement, it boggles the mind. If there is a single nation state that has violated more U.N. sanctions than any other, if there's one country that has nuclear weapons in the Middle East, if there's one country with the most widespread state-support for terrorism in the name of `national security', yeah... that's Israel. And who gets slapped with sanctions? Syria.

Don't get me wrong. I am not exactly Syria's supporter. Its America's hypocrisy that I am unhappy with. Talking about hypocrisy, of which Uncle Sam has no shortage, I wonder... why doesn't the U.S. do anything about half the countries in Africa, which are ruled by tyrannical dictators? These oppressors are undertaking genocide and ethnic cleansing of a magnitude that would even put the Nazis to shame.

The wise man says to me "Son. Turn away from evil you can't deal with, and evil you don't have to deal with." If only Africa had as much oil as the Middle East... Better still, if the U.S. produced more oil than anyone else, probably a lot of wars wouldn't be fought.

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