Friday, May 14, 2004

To My Friends.

Yes, its me. I just crawled out of my shell. I begin to slowly look around at the world outside me... there are still a few things I recognize. I see my friends. They are glowering, for they are disappointed in me. I try to raise my hands to wave at them, but I am covered in so much cocoon mucus that my arms feel chained to the ground. I stand in the sun until some of it melts away from my body. I feel strong enough to walk a few steps.

My friends, take me back into your folds. You are all that bind me to this existence. To this otherwise pointless length in time. I was a fool this time, i have been a fool before, and i probably will be a fool again. But there are other times too. Times when I was not a fool. I ask you to recall those better times, and ``what could have been''.

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