Thursday, April 23, 2009

Help My Friends Get to Mongolia!

This is easily the coolest thing that anyone I've known has ever been involved in. Arun, my college buddy, has signed up for Mongol Rally 2009. That means he and his team are going to drive from London to Eastern Mongolia. That is one hell of a road trip. Thousands of miles, 15 countries and, I am pretty sure, some incredible adventures, over a two month period. You can find out more at the Mongol Rally Rustics Blog.

Arun and his team are looking for support to help them get to Mongolia. They are donating all proceeds to charities. In fact, they will even donate their vehicle in Mongolia, and figure out how to get back once they get there. Gnarly!

Donate to the Mongol Rally Rustics' effort
So, help out for a worthy cause, if you can. Donate to the Mongol Rally Rustics' effort (you can also click the image link above).