Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Operation Enduring Freedom? Nah... more like Enduring exercise in self-defeat

Yeah. That is what this whole Iraq enterprise is. An exercise in self-defeat. I came across multiple independent sources saying exactly the same thing about the US occupation in Iraq. "The US army is tactically winning, but strategically losing." How true. Yet, I feel sad for this country, that refuses to learn from past mistakes. I feel enraged about this administration that simply refuses to waver from its set course. Even when it becomes clear that the course is not viable. I am tired of this president who simply doesn't accept responsibility, and his chummies, who simply dismiss dissent, or launch disparaging attacks in an attempt to discredit said dissenting voice(s). Not even a plausible attempt at self-analysis... ahh, I can go on.

But there is one more thing I feel. It is fear. I know this might sound ridiculous, but what if the Feds come across my posting, and detain me for `inflaming passions' (although I doubt I really say anything of substance), or for being a threat to the nation's security? Some out there might say I haven't posted anything of enough magnitude to warrant such action. If that is so, its exactly because of my fear of persecution.

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