Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ray Charles, anime and endorsement

As the title indicates, I will talk about Ray Charles, anime and endorsement. I am so creative.

As I mentioned some posts ago, I have been listening to significant amounts of soul/funk. Ray was in the news recently (what with his death, and the biopic). It only seemed appropriate that I check out his music. And boy, was that a good thing to do. Current faves: I can't stop loving you, Georgia on my mind, You don't know me and What'd I say.

Speaking of Ray, I recently saw my first anime movie - Metropolis, and the soundtrack features I can't stop loving you. The movie itself wasn't very good. I was disappointed with the cliched turns of plot, in spite of the fact that the creators were working with the rather more flexible medium of animation. But it had its good moments. Like the ending. Which is when Ray's song plays. I was surprised at how much more effective a song becomes when put in context. Now, everytime I listen to that song (which is quite often), I am reminded of the scene from the movie. It definitely sounds better and bigger now, than when I first heard it, before I saw this movie...

Coming to the final topic of this blog, I am soon going to announce my (very influential) endorsement for a Presidential candidate. Tough choice... stay tuned.

Also, my favoritest blog, the northlondonhippy blog, is a nominee for BOB (Best Of Blogs) - a contest conducted by Deutsche Welle. Please visit his blog, and vote for the hippy when it comes time to do so! Peace.

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Deepak said...

Oh man, Ray Charles. Georgia on my mind kicks ass. Also try his version of "when a man loves a woman" and the song with billy joel - "baby grand".
Also, i think the anime metropolis is based on the original by Fritz Lang in the 30's. I've actually seen that. Seems rustic now, but that time apparently revolutionary. Havent seen the anime though. I think the whole anime thing is overrated.